Spring Update

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Hello to all the Blue Collar Welding LLC Customers!
This spring has some changes in store. I have had a rough few months as some of y’all know. For those of you that don’t, I was in the hospital for a spell dealing with some health issues; thanks to all that came by to visit! I am now feeling a bit better, I am back in the shop full time now.
I have done some programming changes on the CNC table and now its running better than ever. Its always something with computers, right? We now have tighter tolerances and the best cut quality around next to water jet.
Which brings me to our next topic. We now offer Water jet services! Now, this is in high demand so to avoid long wait times get your quotes today! As always we offer paint and powder coating to assure optimum life of your product.
As Im sure our drip family knows, Founders day is fast approaching! Get any orders in asap for any signs or products you may need. I will be working up to the night before the parade to get these orders processed.
If I have enough time between jobs there just might be a surprise in the parade this year, I’ve been working on a special something that i hope to reveal at the parade.

Well back to work! Ill try to get another post in before Founders!

Have a wonderful day!

Justin Powell